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In the last years we decide to provide more genuine content for all our projects. When we discuss about fresh content, generally speaking, it is about articles, text, information related to our projects. More important, in the present, is to create and provide a mix between this type of content and video content.

Over 68% of ALL web traffic now comes from video so, from this point of view, our recommendation is to take your time, to create and develop a complete strategy where you have this kind of content, off course, connected and related to your website.

Please be aware of using too much this advice, because we discuss only of white-hat SEO services we must have in our mind that we must provide updates connected to the search engines and Google’s guidelines about seo video marketing and seo video optimization.

For example, for us like SEO agency, we must provide to every project only safe activities, genuine content and a wide range of steps in order to increase our online relevance and the online presence of that project. Please take your time and read little bit these points of view:

  • Right now, videos posted in Facebook are shared much often as written or image based content
  • Youtube represent the “key of success” for a lot of projects, so, why you cannot use it?
  • Try to discuss with professional agencies or even freelancers in order to decide the best strategy for your project
  • The search engines are already favouring video in their search results even if it’s newer and has less authority than the equivalent content in written form.
  • Video content is now the primary way people want to learn, shop, and interact online.
  • Before your publish your video try to understand that the On-Page SEO means actually On-Video SEO customization, every SEO agency knows that and if you are not sure what you must do, please contact Julien POL SEO Agency team and we will help you for sure.

Remember optimizing for your viewers interest is your primary goal when we discuss about video content, is not only important to have a HD and amazing video, it is more important to know how to setup that video. Good luck!

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