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White Hat Link Building Techniques

Best Link Building Techniques

If you want to learn more about link building techniques and how you can achieve top rankings using them, it is important to understand that the Google Core Algorithm is based on links and in order to have a clean and complete profile for your online project, you must to know at least some basic rules.

No matter what technique you’re using, or even you read about some of the best link building techniques, you must work a lot, at least on weekly basis to obtain good results and organic traffic for your project. The process involves at least these common steps:

  • What is your target page?
  • What are your competitors, did you check them or you are not sure about their online relevance?
  • Identify some projects or influencers or people to link to your project
  • Get in touch with more people and build a great online relevance – for you but for your project also

SEO link building techniques 2019

One of our top recommendations is to search very well using link prospecting tools, in the past analyzing competitors was time consuming, today, using for example Ahrefs’ Site Explorer you can identify new and quality link-building opportunities.

Basically, when we discuss about link building techniques, we are using a hyperlink, I mean a real connection between the referring page to the target page. We don’t recommend using black hat or grey SEO techniques, from all our experience, White Hat SEO represent the golden rule for long-term period of time and for worldwide projects.

Best link building strategy

Even we discuss about huge e-commerce projects or small websites, the process is the same, but, don’t forget that the quality is the most important compared with the quantity of links.

In 2019, more than ever, we must build new links for our projects, keep in mind at least the following:

  • Your link-building strategy represent the base of your future results
  • A great and genuine content will attract more visitors and backlinks to your website
  • Links pass trust, always!
  • A clean website profile represent a safe direction of your project

Through your links Google discovers your project, especially, for an e-commerce project – for example, for an european project, technology niche, using genuine content, at least few times per week, with good on-page SEO optimization, you can achieve great results, check for example.
These recommendations are suitable for local SEO purposes too, we are using these rules and genuine content for some of our projects, for example and

Don’t forget that not every link has the same power, or that not all of your links are equal – check carefully some top-rated metrics of those websites – DA (Domain Authority), TF (Trust Flow), CF e-commerce seo services(Citation Flow), and even SS (Spam Score) of those online projects. Is not only important to gain links, it is awesome to have quality websites linking to your project, on regulary basis.
Build links for your business and online relevance, not just for your present needs.

Your business will grow if you know how to create a mix of your SEO and marketing activities.

For top rankings, on huge markets like US and Canada for example, you must increase your online efforts, make your products and content to attract new potential customers.
This recommendation is suitable for e-commerce projects such as and even for Amazon listings and products.

Another major factor in your link building strategy is organic traffic and from this point of view, you must check domain rating (DR) of each website. Don’t be happy that you gain another backlink, check “backlink popularity” of those websites. This can be a long-term action, it is safe and great for your brand awareness.

Because we discuss about good backlinks and tips for this direction, it is good to write about some bad experience or recommendation too.

Don’t use “Reciprocal Linking” technique.

Is not safe to be used, even for short period of time.

Another bad experience can be obtain if you create a “fake’ website profile, with over optimized anchor text.
Our best recommendation is to create a clean, “natural” and safe profile using at least the following rutes:

  • Branded anchors – for example “Sony” or “Amazon”
  • Naked link anchors – just like your domain url, with or without “www”
  • Image anchors
  • Brand+keyword anchors
  • Partial-match anchors – for example “read more about Sony”
  • Exact match anchors

All these recommendations are available for product page but also for category anchor text optimization. Good luck and don’t forget, like always, if you need more info or our help, send us here your message.



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