Anchor Text and Comment Tag Optimization

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By definition, anchor text represent a clickable text in a hyperlink. It is important to understand that providing all the time the most beneficial information is the main purpose behind creating a website and blogs.

All the time we must check and discover the top keywords for our online project even we discuss about one online store or a company website. Anchor text optimization represent an important step when we check our project/business from a marketing perspective.

The top factors for anchor text optimization

Anchor text links to a page where the same topic is discussed that means the anchor text takes the visitor to another website or webpage where he can obtain more quality information about that topic.

Anchor text optimization is very important for every search engine optimization – from all our experience we say that not only the linked page but also the page containing anchor text gains importance while ranking on SERP, provided it is using keywords.

One more think is that we must make a connection between anchor text optimization  and link building campaigns – it is advisable to write keywords in the title and vary the description accordingly.

The incorporation of important keywords in the anchor text can have a major effect in the high factors positioning of your site pages. The most important search engines give noteworthy weight to the anchor text on your pages.

In the site pay attention to one more important issue – anchor text is the deciding factor in ranking pages. All the time you must pay attention – the site will rank higher if we do anchor text optimization.

Theoretically speaking comment tag represent a html code that describes our content – the code is written like this : <!– –>

You must know that the comment tag is invisible to the user and can only be seen in the code itself. You can use comments to explain your code, which can help you when you edit the source code at a later date.

Because the search engines indexes the text in comment tag, try to use keywords in comment tag – like this we will increase the keyword density and obtain a better rank for that page.

So, through all these things our recommendation is to pay attention to the comment tag optimization, same like every section for website development.

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