How to perform a social media audit


Complete Social Media Audit for every business

In the last years, we understand much better the importance of creating one natural profile for every online business. Every business owner must have one clear business strategy, it is his duty to identify those factors who can improve his brand awareness. Social media strategy represent one wise direction for your business and for your success. Some people don’t understand how important it is in our days to perform one complete social media audit.

Optimize your social media presence

If in the past for such audit you must search very well a lot of profiles, image optimization, urls structures and other factors, in the present, fortunately, for one complete social media audit we can use many social media analytics tools or software.

A successful social media audit must offer at the end one clear image of your online presence, your targeted audience and most important can reveal the best direction from where your business can receive new potential clients.

Our best recommendation is to be sure that you are effectively monitoring your brand’s performance and for this, you must check directly your relevance across networks and profiles and, wise it will be to check your competitor’s social media presence through one competitive media strategy

Generally speaking, for every social media audit it is wise to include the following (please feel free to read more at

* Profile information

* Publishing metrics

* Engagement metrics

* Audience demographics

* Referral traffic

* Channel and other specific metrics

It is well recommended to create one clear audit for all your online social presence, please try to insert in your audit at least the following:

  • Account and Branding

– here you must insert at least your profile: “@username”

– what is your social profile URL: “”

– that social profile it is verified? Yes or No?

– Check very well if your profile matches style guidelines!

– Do you have the option to add your URL to your Bio or not?social media management

  • Publishing

– please check your shares and tweets sent

– what are your organic impressions?

– YOY change?

– please verify DM’s sent

– what can you tell about conversations?

  • Engagement

-please check and write your total engagements

– once again, YOY change

– few things and notes about Engagement Rate

-link clicks must be verified too

– for some platforms, such as Twitter, please verify your Retweets or likes

– Mention received are there?

  •  Audience

– here you must verify your total followers, friends, connections

– for one period of time, try to make one report related to your new followers or friends or about your collections

– New accounts you followed

– Include some other factors for your audience – male, female, locations, languages and much more.

For all your social media audits you must insert one section related to your posts, how can those be organized:

* video and promotional posts

* Educational information

* Entertainment info

* Images and media audit

All the time it is well to have one organized spreadsheet, with all your channels, do it on the monthly or yearly basis, include some seasonal changes, and don’t forget that for some social platforms you must add some targeted metrics or factors.

Not in the end we want to reveal some of the most important social media audit tools that can be used for your purpose, some of them are free or for other websites, you must add your subscription.

  • Knowem – here you can find your existing social media profiles
  • Namechk – use this powerful tool in order to discover your desired username or URL that are still available at dozens of social media platforms
  • FanPage Karma – your favorite tool for social media management – composing, planning and publishing posts.
  • You can check a lot of factors about your Twitter activity using Twitonomy – one powerful account analysis tool.
  • Hootsuite Analytics Tool – Social media analytics – great option for brand monitoring and enhanced analytics report
  • Use social media management tool – – another wise opportunity for your business.
  • BuzzBundle – covers a wide range of social media platforms.
  • Social Media Audit powered by SemRush – try to understand better your audience and discover what people are saying about your brand.
  • One powerful tool is provided by Google – Google Alerts– represent a free and great tool that allows you to discover which social platforms are driving traffic and conversions.
  • Brand24 – Another option for every business to check their statistics about entire content and audience.
  • Discover SumAll – your reliable online partner for your social media platforms – obtain attractive charts that will allow you to understand more about the latest search engines algorithms.

Once again, it is important to understand that boosting your business using social media represent a wise investment and you can obtain great results and top rankings with genuine and “white-hat” marketing activities. Good luck!

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    Hy and thank you very much for all your content and recommendations. I believe that we must do a complete social media audit periodically, for every online project. All the best!

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    Hy, from my point of view, all the time it is important to have a targeted audience to your store or online project. I like your recommendations, kind regards and thank you very much.


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