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In the present, after the latest Google and search engines updates, we must understand again that for every online project we must provide only organic and manual activities, day by day in order to obtain long term relevance. Such activities can be obtain from trusted agencies or freelancers, the main idea is to check carefully and to start working only with genuine companies, you need one seo services agency  with a real team who can offer you a good daily communication.

Today we want to reveal few important aspects regarding measuring link popularity of your online project. Our recommendation  is to check carefully from different online sources, you can find easy different tools for a good link popularity check, or if you are not sure what is wise to use please send us your message and we will help you.Seo services europe

You can analyze your project with selected competitors, for top google searches and various queries,  and most important is to make this search before you submit your website to the search engines – Seo Services Europe. After this, you will make different steps for this online analyze, including periodically referral links checking in order to identify if your website is popular and what every search engine know about it.

For example, if you want to check how many sites are linking to your project in Google you can make a short search, you would type “”, or for one specific page – “”. Better is to search with “www” and without “www” – seo services agency.

Another way to check and measure your link popularity is Bing, similar with Hotbot. Here you will measure popularity in MSN but in order to obtain a deep analyze here you must navigate through “More Options” sections, once again if you are not sure what you must do, write us your message and we will reply asap.

Other alternatives are Yahoo, AOL – a well known directory based engine and even Lycos – seo agency europe. For Lycos, in order to measure link popularity you will navigate through Advanced Search section, there you must type your domain url in the search box. One important thing is that in our measurement we can exclude some pages but this must be discussed step by step for all these search engines and platforms.

Don’t forget that link popularity checkers are very useful and they can offer us like online promoters, seo services agencies or business owners a lot of informations and features in order to have a clear “mind” about what we must do for that online project.

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    In the present it is a good decision to start working for new leads and web development for your project. Is not enough to pay for some online advertising, more important is to work on daily basis on it.

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    Hello, I think that we all need such services and much more than this because internet represent a huge profit route and it will be for long time from now.

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    Link popularity is very important for every online project, through this factor we can establish more and future steps for our online project and relevance.

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    My point of view is that is not important if it is just an european seo agency or from any part of the world, the most important is to have trusted communication with that team, kind regards!

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    If we want to develop a ood online strategy we must decide to start working with professional experts and companies, this is the key of online success for medium and long term.

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    Hy, I think that we need organic and white hat techniques for every step of our online project, only in this way we can increase a strong online relevance.


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